Our tying, cutting, and declipping machines are recognized as the global standard for reliability and performance


WT-97iT Curved

The WT97-iT for curved products combines
precision and speed…

WT-99-iT- D

The flexible WT99iT-D, Twist Remove

WT-99iT-B (BIG)

The WT-99iT-B (BIG) combines precision and speed…


The wheeled, full stainless steel construction


The WT99 Cutting technology creates clean,
perfect separation quickly..

WT99-iT Twin

Twin does double the output…


EC-02 De-clipping

EC Series De-clippers feature a new
generation of technology


IG5-iT Tying

Giromatic automatic portioning and
tying machines are unique…

IGS2-iT Tying

The fast and safe tying of simple product separations…